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Shell ASP Web Service

Rankin Computer Services provides a Browser-Based application service to Shell South Africa which is used to measure, assess, manage and mitigate Health, Safety and Security issues at their Shell Retail Fuel Filling Stations.

Shell South Africa has been a client of Rankin Computer Services for over 15 years.

The following applications and related services are used across more than 600 Retail Sites in South Africa:

  • FRA - Fenceline Risk Assessment
  • HSSE - Health Safety and Security Risk Assessment
  • SRA - Security Risk Assessment

shell-1 shell-2
shell-3 shell-4


Vivo Energy ASP Web Services

Rankin Computer Services is an application service provider (ASP) that supports Vivo Energy with Browser-Based Retail Performance and B2C Sales Excellence Tools that are accessed over a standard Internet connection.

Rankin Computer Services provides fully managed service to a broad cross-section of end-users, which include Vivo Energy Staff, Vivo Retailers, and 3rd Party Vivo Distributors.

The advantages to this approach include:

  • 100% Browser Based - no client software to deploy/maintain on any computers
  • Software integration issues are eliminated from client sites in multiple countries
  • Application costs are spread over a number of Operational Units
  • Reduction of internal IT costs to a predictable monthly fee
vivoenergy-1 vivoenergy-2
vivoenergy-3 vivoenergy-4
vivoenergy-5 vivoenergy-6

Vivo TM Effectiveness Video

The applications and related services are in use in 16 countries across Africa:

  • Botswana
  • Burkina Faso
  • Cape Verde
  • Ghana
  • Guinea
  • Ivory Coast
  • Kenya
  • Madagascar
  • Mali
  • Mauritius
  • Morocco
  • Mozambique
  • Namibia
  • Senegal
  • Tunisia
  • Uganda
  • Rankin Services in Africa

    Vivo Energy is the Shell licensee in 16 countries in Africa, and offer their customers the very best of Shell’s high quality products and services - including supply reliability, technical expertise and unmatched customer service - in the countries where they operate.

    Vivo Energy's vision is ‘To create Africa’s most respected energy business’.

    • Doing business the right way
    • Putting Health, Safety Security and Environment first

    InfoSight Travel Portal

    Shell InfoSight is a travel portal for South Africa and is among the top visited sites in the SA.

    The site uses PHP/MySQL. Key features of the site include:

    • map routing and map search capabilities
    • live news and weather
    • a live AA-rated accommodation booking system
    • travel book sales & golf package sales
    • searchable databases for AA-rated accommodation and restaurants
    Technologies include:
    • multiple database sources
    • dynamic Google sitemaps
    • jQuery
    • CAPTCHA image security
    • emailer functionality.

    infosight-1 infosight-2
    infosight-3 infosight-4


    Past Projects

    MobileTMSR Reporting System

    MobileTMSR was a data capture and reporting site developed for Shell South Africa to focus on Health Safety and Security Standards and Compliance (HSSE).

    Territory Managers perform monthly retail site visits, where they record and review site performance data against clearly defined criteria. These checks, called Territory Manager Site Reviews (TMSR’s) are then captured on a web-based application to a central database. This data provides Management with a real time view of performance standards as maintained by retailer sites.

    Successful implementation of the project supports management of operational excellence. It provides the tools to improve the efficiency of site management, as current and relevant data allows for effective and comprehensive site management and enhanced trend analysis.

    MobileTMSR 1 MobileTMSR 2
    MobileTMSR 3 MobileTMSR 4


    Shell Geostar

    Shell Geostar was an earlier version of the InfoSight travel portal.

    Shell Geostar


    Property Finder

    InfoSight developed a user-friendly way for SA Property Finder to engage with prospective property buyers at the touch of a finger, right from a shop window.

    The through-the-glass touch screen Property Finder creates an entirely new sales channel. Potential customers can freely interact with the touch screens and browse through properties in their own time. So they don't need Internet access or technonlgical know how in order to interact with an agent.

    InfoSight's touch screen Property Finder attaches to the inside window of a shop or storefront, and plugs directly into the existing property database. No input is required from the agencies to update the system. This means that prospective buyers can quickly and easily access the latest houses for sale 24/7.

    Jawitz Pam Golding
    Remax Seef

    Property Finder


    BP Touch Screen Kiosk

    The pilot of the InfoSight E-Centre was the brainchild of Richard Masefield who developed the E-Centre Touch Screen Terminal over a 3 year period.

    BP Touch Screen Kiosk

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    Rankin Computer Services is a specialist software development company.

    Company Name: Rankin Computer Services CC
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